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Thursday, 19 June 2008

An Irish Medley from the Tokyo Craic

At The Clann in Jiyuugaoka. If you like this one, there's another recording from the same session on my Life in Japan weblog.


Somya Sethuraman said...

heyi...its always nice to get connected to music lovers... :)

jyamamo said...

Thank you for your comment - my first one!

Be a Goddess music said...

Wonderful !! Please stop by my blog for folkie stuff including free downloads. Next one to be posted is a Seth lakeman interview.
Irish music in japan !! you Go !

jyamamo said...

Hi, um, goddess! Thanks for the comment.

I've just uploaded some lovely Okinawan music on my Life in Japan blog; do take a look!


Be a Goddess music said...

You are very welcome and thanks for your blog comments, the yare always welcome. Swarb is a wonderfully funny man and this is just like him to do a charity auction.


Marcella said...

Great work.